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Tooth Fairy Came Late

Personal letter from The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Letter wording 2      ( Tooth Fairy Letter — Fairy Came Late )

Hi % Name %

Thanks so much for the tooth! It is so white and shiny. It will be a wonderful addition to my tooth collection.

Here is some money in exchange for your tooth, but I also owe you an apology! I know you left your tooth for me earlier, and I was so excited to come get it, but I just did not make it to your before morning. I had so many teeth to pick up that night that by the time I got to your neighborhood the sun was rising, and as you know, the Tooth Fairy can only come at night. Thank you so much for being patient! I left a little bit extra this time to help make up for the lateness.

Please keep up the good work with the brushing and the flossing and tell your dentist I said "hi."


The Tooth Fairy

Letter from Tooth Fairy

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Letter from the Tooth Fairy
Letter from the Tooth Fairy
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